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Cicatricial replacement of the skin of the eyelids leads to a restriction of their movement. The baby will not be able to fully open or close the eye, as a result of which the organ of vision may be left without protection.

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The shape of the eye will also change until it is completely closed. As a result, conjunctivitis, blepharitis and other inflammatory diseases of the eye join. The child may even lose sight. Coarse scar tissue in the area of ​​the joints leads to order aldactone on movements in them. The child will not be able to fully bend and unbend the joint, since the scar will not be able to fully stretch, like ordinary skin. The joint often remains in the same position, its contracture develops - stiffness.

Erosions on the mucous membranes can also heal with the formation of scar tissue, leading to narrowing - strictures of the esophagus, respiratory and urinary tract, and intestines. The child cannot fully swallow food, speak, breathe, urinate, therefore, he will lose weight up to cachexia, often suffer from inflammatory diseases of the lungs and kidneys. The absorption of food in the intestines will be impaired. This will further aggravate the condition of the baby.

Erosions and weeping in the area of the fingers lead to the fact that scar tissue is formed with the fusion of the fingers. In this case, the child's hands forever lose their gripping function. People with epidermolysis bullosa have a high risk of aldactone pills squmous cell skin cancer. Life expectancy in epidermolysis bullosa.

  • In other forms of the disease, in most cases, severe disability develops.
  • But babies still have a chance to live a long life with proper supervision and care.
  • Diagnosis of bullous epidermolysis.
  • The diagnosis of epidermolysis bullosa cannot always be made on the basis of aldactone alone.
  • To confirm or refute it, complex laboratory diagnostics are needed in large clinics. Genetic analysis is also needed.
  • A skin biopsy is mandatory, always from a fresh bladder.
  • A piece of skin should immediately be frozen in liquid nitrogen, or soaked in saline.
  • For long-term storage, the skin fragment is placed in a special spironolactone pills.

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The biosample is examined under special powerful microscopes with treatment with contrast agents. It is possible to identify abnormalities in the structure of the skin, and to identify the lack of certain protein components. Principles of treatment of bullous epidermolysis.


Usually large bubbles are carefully opened. The necessary agent is applied to the resulting erosion. Then the wound is closed with a bandage. They use specialized atraumatic bandages that contain a sorbent, an antiseptic, regenerating and antimicrobial agents.

A second bandage is applied on top. Thanks to her, the medical bandage will be well fixed and will sit tightly in place. The fixing bandage should not put much pressure on the skin and be tied in a tight knot so as not to further injure the skin. To prevent complications, separate dressings of each finger of aldactone pill are needed. The limb during bandaging should not be bent or unbent. Dressing a baby with severe clinical variants of epidermolysis bullosa can take 1-2 hours.

A baby suffering from bullous epidermolysis should be observed by many specialists and regularly examined by a dermatologist, pediatrician, gastroenterologist, otolaryngologist, surgeon. If necessary, consultations of a thoracic and plastic surgeon are needed.


In some cases, an antibiotic injection is needed. The child should receive all the necessary nutrients and vitamins with food. Children are prescribed specialized high-protein mixtures. If, due to complications, the baby cannot swallow food normally, it is possible to establish a gastrostomy. Epidermolysis bullosa is a serious and, unfortunately, still incurable disease. All treatment measures are only palliative in nature. But with proper and timely therapy, you can significantly alleviate the suffering of the baby and give him a chance for a long life.

The human body is a very complex system, the slightest failure of spironolactone can lead to changes in the operation of many systems. Often, a child has just had time to be born, and he is already accompanied by unpleasant diseases. Unfortunately, nature cannot be deceived, and disorders at the gene level can manifest themselves from the first days of life. So, the diagnosis of epidermolysis bullosa refers precisely to such diseases.

Features of the diagnosis of epidermolysis bullosa and its symptoms.

Features of the diagnosis of epidermolysis bullosa and its symptoms Cause of epidermolysis bullosa Various forms of epidermolysis Simple appearance Dystrophic appearance Borderline appearance Kindler's syndrome Timely diagnosis Treatment methods for epidermolysis bullosa Life expectancy with bulllung epidermolysis.

Epidermolysis bullosa is a term that unites a group of diseases characterized by the appearance of blisters and erosive areas on the skin or mucous membranes. At the same time, the skin is very vulnerable, easily injured and highly sensitive - such patients are often called butterfly children, because epidermolysis appears in the first months or immediately after birth. It should be noted that the disease in question is manifested due to changes at the genetic level, most often inherited.

Epidermolysis bullosa is a fairly rare disease - it occurs in one of tens or hundreds of thousands of patients. As a rule, it manifests itself from birth and, depending on the varieties, its symptoms may fade with age, or become more pronounced. Often, the disease can affect other vital systems of the body, as well as be accompanied by the development of infection.

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